How does LivingLab work?

The LivingLab project is aimed towards people aged 60+, who want to self-improve, seek inspiration, search for fruitful ways of spending their free time and are willing to aid in the task of collecting knowledge concerning their needs, activities and thoughts, with a particular focus on their interaction with modern technology. The project offers them an online platform composed of two main modules:

  1. E-learning portal that allows for participation in online courses tailored to the needs and skills of the 60+ demographic.
  2. The research module that utilizes crowdsourcing approach and allows the elderly to perform task that provide data useful for scientific and pragmatic means.

LivingLab project makes it possible for researches, businesses, public institutions, local governments and NGOs to engage in action facilitating the social and technological inclusion of people 60+, testing new technological and organizational approaches designed for the elderly as well as conducting research into the effects of aging on the individual’s health, cognitive function and functioning within society.

The project is unique in it’s potential for conducting research that:

  • Involves a large number of people 60+
  • Spans long periods of time
  • Is complex
  • May require the cooperation of many various agents (institutions, the elderly’s family etc.)
  • Utilizing mobile technology
  • Is made in the elderlies natural environment

Senior who are interested in participating in what LivingLab has to offer may find additional information in our for seniors section.

Institutions interested in topics covered by LivingLab will find more information in the cooperation section.